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March 2019

Human Rights Debate

Human Rights Debate   The Apartheid Museum will host a dialogue on the 21st of March entitled: The Black Body: (still) a site of oppression? About Organizer: The Apartheid Museum is acknowledged as the pre-eminent museum in the world dealing with the South African apartheid…

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Today is Human Rights Day and hundreds of events are taking place across the country, including political gatherings. Government has hosted a number of activities since the beginning of the month, leading up to the holiday. The main event will be held today at George…

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The Black Body: (still) a site of oppression?

The Apartheid Museum hosts a dialogue entitled: The Black Body: (still) a site of oppression? The forum explores what life is like for Black South Africans 25 years after the transition out of Apartheid and how much has really changed. The event is moderated by…

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Discussion: The Black Body – (Still) a Site of Oppression?

To mark Human Rights Day 2019 the Apartheid Museum hosts a public discussion and debate entitled "The Black Body: (Still) a Site of Oppression?" led by a stellar lineup of South African activists and academics. Radio presenter, political analyst and writer Eusebius McKaiser moderates the panel…

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Is The Black Body Still A Site Of Oppression?

The Black Body: (still) a site of oppression? The month of March is human rights month. After almost 25-years of democracy, does South Africa have a healthy human rights culture? The global history of colonialism, and anti-black racism specifically, is in important respects a history of…

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Apartheid Museum debate investigates the black body as a site of oppression

On a day that marks exactly 59 years since the murder of a group of black protesters by apartheid law enforcement in the township of Sharpeville, Gauteng, the Apartheid Museum hosted a public debate titled ‘The Black Body: (Still) a Site of Oppression?’. On 21…

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